Plants at Work

Hanging garden pothos

How your business can benefit from plants indoors

Plants enhance our workplaces in many ways. Below is a summary of just a few of the immediate and tangible benefits of sharing your space with indoor plants.

Improved air quality
Plants remove toxins and excess CO2 from the air, substituting for oxygen and water vapour. Airborne contaminants such as formaldehyde can be reduced by as much as 100%, making your air cleaner and healthier. 

Reduced noise pollution
Plants’ complex surfaces can effectively absorb and diminish ambient excess noise in offices and other work environments, making focusing on projects easier. 

Increased productivity
Studies have indicated plants’ ability to increase team productivity through contributing to increased concentration, reduced visual fatigue, and better performance at creative tasks. Plants also reduce the number of employee sick days by improving working conditions. 

Improved comfort
Your team as well as your clients, customers and visitors can feel more at home through the moderating effects of plants on temperature and humidity, creating an optimal environment that keeps customers in your space longer, reduces building heating and cooling costs, and makes interior spaces feel less confining and sterile.

Contributions to positive health
Plants not only contribute to our physical health by reducing pollutants and improving our interior air quality and climate: they also contribute strongly to our mental health by reducing stress and anxiety and creating a calming atmosphere.

Satisfaction of human biophilia
Humans have an innate need for affiliation with other living things, a need increasingly hard to satisfy in our constructed urban environments. Plants work on a subconscious level to satisfy this need, helping us feel grounded and at home in our environment.

Read more about the interesting concept of biophilia here.

Improved aesthetics
Plants are excellent at softening hard lines or adding colour, texture and character. The thoughtful use of plants improves the look and feel of interior spaces, and coupled with their effects on the environment, improve their functionality as well.

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