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I will never die.

We guarantee your plants will always look their best.


We create singular, spectacular interior landscapes that help your business.


Plants do so much for us: they clean the air, reduce stress, and add an incomparable aesthetic to any space. In Situ designs, installs and maintains plants in your indoor environment, helping your organization bring your habitat to life.

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We spend the majority of our lives indoors.

Interior landscapes reconnect us with nature and make us more comfortable.  

Plants help us get more from our environment.

They deliver physical and mental health, inspire us with their beauty, and add life to our indoor spaces.


Plants are good for business.

You can increase your team's productivity, raise customer satisfaction and more,
with the simple addition of plants to your workplace.


Read more to learn about the benefits of plants indoors.

We have solutions for everyone. 


Our services can be employed anywhere. From restaurants to retail, from offices to atriums, In Situ has the right plants for your environment. Our weekly visits ensure your plants grow and thrive under our expert care.

We're professionals.

We have the knowledge and the skill to make your interior landscape a success. We choose the right plants for the right place, and plan for the long term with every installation.

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Let's get to work.